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Blood Screening

What is it?

All patients attending Fertility North are screened for a number of conditions. Tests are carried out on both partners, and consist of mainly blood tests, but a urine test is also performed.

A series of tests to obtain a blood count, blood group, chromosome count, hormone levels and an infection screen is performed on both partners.

Both partners are additionally tested for their appropriate reproductive hormone levels, and the males have a prostate cancer screen.

Why is it used? 

This is done so that the clinic can diagnose if there is an infective cause of the fertility problem, and also to protect the laboratory staff at Fertility North, who could be handling semen and eggs (gametes) and blood from our patients.

These tests are performed on a yearly basis so that the tests are current in any ongoing treatment cycles.

Fertility North now offers a blood screening service for all patients at the time of their first specialist appointment. For more information please see Phlebotomy.