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What is it?


'MoNa-IVF' (mNC-IVF) at Fertility North describes an IVF procedure in which only a single egg is retrieved and combined with sperm to produce a single embryo, in what is essentially a modified natural cycle, sometimes referred to as 'Natural IVF.'


The History of Natural IVF


The first IVF pregnancy that resulted in the birth of Louise Brown was a mNC protocol. The use of super ovulation was subsequently found to be associated with much higher pregnancy rates, and universally adopted.

Since the mid-1990s interest in mNC-IVF has been rekindled; initially in those women who failed to achieve super-ovulation, and then latterly as a means of lowering the cost of IVF services.  

mNC-IVF has been shown more recently to improve the chance of pregnancy and live birth in poor responder patients (2015, Lainas et al).




As part of an in vitro fertilisation treatment the oocytes must be retrieved from the ovary.

mNC-IVF results in the production of a single dominant follicle. As a result, the ultrasound guided aspiration of this can be performed very speedily, reducing patient discomfort to the point where it may be safely achieved without recourse to patient sedation or general anaesthesia.

What are the benefits?


Patients do not require hormone injections to stimulate the cycle to generate multiple dominant follicles, as only the egg that matures in the natural cycle is used. They also do not require a general anaesthetic for the egg retrieval (TVOA). 

Without these two expenses, the cost of the procedure is greatly reduced from a regular IVF cycle. 


For whom is it suitable?


Women are considered ideal for mNC-IVF if they have experienced a poor response to stimulation. However it may be considered favourable to patients outside this criteria for the following reasons:

  • As a low cost alternative to standard IVF
  • As an alternative to oocyte cryopreservation for couples who will not permit embryo cryopreservation for moral or religious reasons


For whom is it not suitable?


Circumstances do occur, most commonly related to variations in pelvic anatomy, which make transvaginal oocyte aspiration (TVOA) procedures more difficult. In those situations, patients are not suitable for this procedure.

Those patients with normal ovarian reserve will likely have a better chance of success with more standard IVF treatment protocols




If you are a patient at Fertility North, ask your specialist whether MoNa-IVF is suitable for you.


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