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Andrology / Embyology

Scientific Director / Dr Yanhe Liu

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, MCE


Dr Liu has more than 13 years of laboratory experience in human Assisted Reproductive Technology. He obtained his Master’s degree in Clinical Embryology from Monash University in 2009, and completed his PhD in early 2016 with Edith Cowan University, whilst leading the scientific teams at Fertility North.

Dr Liu has a special research interest in embryo selection and has spent the last 3 years developing an embryo deselection model using time-lapse videography, which has contributed to an improvement in the pregnancy rate at Fertility North. His study was also published in a total of 7 peer reviewed publications by high-rank international journals, including Fertility and Sterility. Dr Liu is frequently invited to give lectures at both national and international conferences, and is also registered as a reviewer with a number of top journals in Reproductive Medicine, including Human Reproduction